Rusty Silverman

Rusty Silverman, founder of Lifeguard Art®, photographs the men and women rowers, swimmers, and paddle-boarders of South Jersey and National Lifeguard Beach Patrols across the country.

The lifeguard culture has been present since the early 1900s. Our lifeguards save lives every day, but once their work day is over, they become very serious about their competitions against other beach patrols.

Professional lifeguards have been trained to identify the different motions of the ocean, which is a skill Rusty has acquired that gives him an advantage when taking his photos.

"I am a retired Family And Age Management Physician living in beautiful Ventnor City, NJ with my amazing love Teresa.

The photographs represent 35 years of competitions locally and nationally."


To watch Rusty's full interview, click here.

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Grace Emig is the newest member of Lifeguard Art®.

"I am thrilled to be a part of Lifeguard Art®. I'm a member of the Brigantine City Beach Patrol and I compete in many events at lifeguard competitions, mainly the paddle-board and surf dash, and sometimes the swim. It is a dream to be able to compete against incredible athletes on other beach patrols. I think that Rusty captures some of the most memorable moments from behind the lens and presents them in such a unique way with his brand Lifeguard Art® and I am honored to be a part of both Lifeguard Art® and a part of the lifeguard culture. It is a truly unique experience."